At the Maritime Science Centre, you can see five thematic exhibitions.

The heart of the Maritime Science Centre is the exhibition consisting mostly of interactive, self-serviced exhibits enabling conducting experiments independently. The elements that support the message and increase the attractiveness and diversity of the exhibition are original objects – parts of vessels and their equipment, tools and instruments related to navigation and various works at sea, scale models and mock-ups, and maritime souvenirs.

Full Speed Ahead!


Life at Sea

Dangerous Sea

Which Way to Africa?

Cała naprzód

Full Speed Ahead!

The area where all visitors can see the process of designing and building a ship, types of vessels, types of propulsion, methods of steering, the properties of water and their impact on ships.


A real treat for the youngest visitors! A water playground: dams, sluices, pumps, water cannons, and experiments explaining the phenomena of electricity by analogy with water.

Życie na morzu

Life at Sea

In this area, you can learn about professions related to the sea, roles and tasks on a ship, fishing, sailing, as well as the customs and traditions of seafaring people.

Dangerous Sea

As the name says itself, here you will see the sea as a dangerous element: water, wind and ice; ways to tame and protect yourself against it, accident prevention, rescue equipment, emergencies, calling for help, the life of a shipwreck, rescue operations and emergency services, as well as underwater research.

Morski żywioł
Którędy do afryki?

Which Way to Africa?

This is an area which presents, among other things, methods of navigation – past and present, world conquests, cartography, ocean voyages, global ship traffic, and human impact on the seas and oceans.

Incredible attractions
are waiting for you

Dzieci zwiedzające wystawę - interaktywna wystawa

Interactive exhibitions that will allow you to explore your knowledge about different aspects of marine and space life.

Experiences, mysteries, challenges, which will surprise both the youngest and the older age group of students.

Dzieci zwiedzające wystawę - sprzęt do nurkowania
Dzieci zwiedzające wystawę - modele statków

Treasures from the depths of the oceans, as well as stories and legends related to the sea. Let our exhibits take you to a world of adventures and discoveries that you will never forget.

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