Organized groups

Experimentation zone

The Department of Education and Popularization of Science in the Maritime Science Centre aims to create a space where class participants, under the supervision of Educators and Animators, can experiment, gain new knowledge, broaden their horizons, ask questions, do research and look for solutions. Our staff members – creative, educated and focused on developing creative potential – encourage students to active participation in classes.

Educational labs

There are three kinds of laboratories in the Maritime Science Centre, which run classes for children (preschool and school age) and adults. The biology and chemistry lab is a place where, by conducting experiments on their own, participants discover the laws of nature that govern our world. The STEAM lab focuses on creative learning based on new technologies, including LEGO sets, Photon educational robot kits and 3D pens. In the modelling lab, each participant has the opportunity to, among other things, hammer a nail on their own, learn how to use a calliper or tailor's tape measure, or create their own design with 3D printers.

Educational paths

Educational paths are an interesting way of gaining knowledge. They help to learn the secrets of science by focusing on specific issues and are a kind of guide to the exhibition. Through this form of sightseeing, we propose learning the laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, hydrology, mechanics and technology in practice. The educational paths are popular among young people and teachers. The Maritime Science Centre offers several educational paths. They are addressed to primary and secondary schools’ students. The main attraction for the youngest visitors are paths focused on the topics dedicated to life at sea and professions related to it.

Timetable of classes

Price list

Educational Activities + Exhibition - 40,00 zł
Educational Activities - 20,00 zł


Anna Kossak-Błachowicz
Education specialist
tel.: 574 780 150



Cloakrooms are at the level -1

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In the Educational labs group max. 16 people

Please gather 10 minutes before the start of class in a designated area

In the case of people with special educational needs, in particular those resulting from disabilities and health conditions, before purchasing a ticket, please contact the Education Specialist by phone to confirm the possibility of safe participation in the selected classes.

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Ticket for classes can be purchased by selecting “educational labs” in “Visiting MCN” tab.