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Planetarium screening programme

Planetarium screening programme

What films do we show?

Let's reach for the stars together!

The “levitating” planetarium sphere stretched over three floors is the second heart of the Maritime Science Centre. It is the place where original architecture meets the world of science and advanced technologies.


The equipment of the Maritime Science Centre was designed and provided by the global leader in this field – RSA COSMOS company from France. The air-conditioned, amphitheatre-shaped interior is equipped with 41 reclining seats and two places for people with disabilities. The planetarium has one of the most advanced systems, which includes a digital “full dome” 3D projection system with 6K resolution and a high-quality audio sound. Each seat is supplied with an interactive panel for audience voting which makes the show more interesting and enables the host to interact with the audience more easily. All the technologies used provide participants in the show with an unforgettable visual and audio experience.

The brain of the system is SkyExplorer software, which allows the presentation of astronomical shows, popular science movies, and 3D graphics generated in real time. Thanks to the advanced technology it is possible to watch constellations of stars or astronomical landmarks. It is possible to go on a spaceship flight or observe space rovers or landers. In addition to astronomical shows, we offer shows related to biology, chemistry, geography and oceanography.



Regular - 25 zł

Reduced - 16 zł

Before you buy a ticket, please remember

The Planetarium is a place with a high intensity of spatial, visual and sound stimuli. Attending a screening may not be advisable for overly sensitive people.
The Planetarium is a place for children over 5 years of age.
Each film has a specific audience age. Check the recommended age for the movie you want to watch.
Please arrive at the Planetarium room at least 5 minutes before the show starts. Once the show starts, it is impossible to enter the room.
If you leave the Planetarium room during the screening (in case of emergency), it will not be possible for you to return to the show again.
When leaving the exhibition to go to the Planetarium, it is not possible to return to the exhibition, as the exhibition ticket is single-use.

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